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House Rules

  • #1 RULE - Do NOT leave DOORS or WINDOWS OPEN or AJAR in rooms with the AC on. 

  • Absolutely NO GLITTER, SELF-TANNER or BRONZER anywhere on the property.  

  • From Aug 15 - October 15, please keep all doors closed that have weather stripping at the bottom - use other doors 

  • Absolutely no commercial photo/video shoots on the property without Brad's prior consent and a separate agreement and fees. A shoot is "commercial" if it is intended to promote any product, service or brand that exists to generate revenue (even if just for use on instagram).

  • No commercial activities (retreats, events, etc) without Brad’s prior consent and a separate agreement and fees. 

  • Please abide by the parking instructions provided to the main Guest prior to your arrival.

  • Do NOT sit on the ORANGE LEATHER CHAIRS in WET clothing or spill liquid on them. Repair cost is $300 per chair.

  • Please try and remember to remove makeup before getting into bed. New pillow cases are $60/pair.

  • Do NOT put water in the ceramic sculptures on the living room table. They are not flower vases. 

  • No unsanitary sexual acts (ie anal sex) on any of the furniture, irrelevant of sexual orientation.   

  • No smoking anywhere inside the house and anyone who smokes should wash their hands and face before getting into bed. 

  • No parties or gatherings of more than 12 people and any gatherings must wind down by 11pm. 

  • If you hire a chef to cook in the house, please ensure that they clean everything they use, including the barbeque grill. 

  • Outside music must be at back-to-midground volume before 11pm and off from 11pm – 8am.  

  • When going to sleep, lock all doors in the living room and make sure the gate is closed. 

  • When leaving the property, close the main gate and lock all living room and Suite 1 doors. 

  • No kids under the age of 18 or pets, unless approved by Brad. 

  • No sleeping on sofas or air mattresses. All Guests, and guests of Guests, must sleep on beds.

  • Don’t slam doors, especially the sliding doors in the living room, as you could break the locking mechanism.

  • Try to remember to use coasters when putting drinks on coffee tables.

  • When not using the outside dining table, please leave that camera unobstructed.

  • NEVER allow delivery of illegal substances to my property. If you must partake, meet your delivery guy somewhere else.  

  • Absolutely no glass anywhere around the pool. Use plastic glassware only. 

  • Don’t put cooking oils or oily items on the wood shelves in the pantry. Keep them on the floor. 

  • Do not take any books or other items from the Property. 

  • Do not sit on the wicker end tables in the living room. They are not strong enough to support a person. 

  • Keep all food sealed to discourage pests from entering the house.

  • If any juices from fresh fish spill on the counters or floor, please clean immediately with soap and water.   

  • If you cook anything in the Cuisinart Toaster/Air Fryer with any liquid substance (marinade, cooking oil, etc), it must be wrapped in tin foil so the liquid does not splatter all over the inside of the oven. 

  • Do not put cooking oil, eggshells or anything metal into the garbage disposal.  

  • Flush ONLY toilet paper in toilets, not paper towels and other garbage. 

  • Contact Brad immediately and send pictures if anything is stained, broken, damaged or lost. 

  • Checkout time is 11am the day of your scheduled checkout.

  • If you leave before the maids arrive, please lock all doors and close the gate on your way out 

Violation of any of the above House Rules may result in removal from the property in Owner's sole discretion without refund and the full replacement cost of any damaged goods will be deducted from your security deposit.

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