• This property is still a work in progress. While all the living structures are complete, I still have to do a bunch of additional hardscaping and landscaping, so there are some areas that look like they are being worked on.  

  • Things in Mexico often "don't work right" or like we are accustomed to them working in the US and Canada. Pool & jacuzzi equipment can be fickle. Brand new AC units can occasionally fail. I do my best to maintain as high an uptime as possible, but I cannot guarantee that everything will be working at all times during your stay and I do not offer refunds for downtime. 

  • Because of the above, in the hot summer months, I prefer to book groups that are only planning to use 3 of the 4 bedrooms so, in case one of the bedroom AC units fails, there is another bedroom as backup. It's only happened once, but it was quite a headache. 

  • During hurricane season (roughly August 15 - October 15), certain lesser-used doors will be sealed with weatherproofing and need to stay closed during that period. 

  • If a big storm hits during that time, it can cause a huge mess, a little flooding and, most importantly, a power outage that may last a few days. Usually there are only 1 or 2 them per year and almost always in September. I do not have a generator that runs the entire house and, even if I did, it would only last 1/2 day so, if this happens, you may have to endure some discomfort for a few days or try and find a hotel that didn't lose power until I get it back. Please note that I do NOT give refunds if/when this happens because I've factored the risk of this into the reduced rate I charge during the peak summer months.  

  • If it looks like it's going to rain, I may have to enter the property to move some outdoor furniture so it doesn't get rained on. 

  • Casa Margaux has lots of windows and glass doors and we do not use black-out shades, just white linen curtains on some of them. So, every room in the house gets pretty bright in the morning. If you like to sleep late, I recommend bringing an eye mask.​​

  • My neighborhood is generally very quiet. No sirens, horns, etc. However, what we do hear is the occasional barking dog, gardener with his leaf blower, music from some distant party or an amateur fireworks display. Typical Mexico stuff. If you are super sensitive to noise, a better option might be a resort on a huge plot of land or a super high-end residential community like Chileno Bay.

  • While Baja does not have the same problem with mosquitos that more tropical places like Tulum have, we do have a few mosquitos hanging around the property and they can be quite aggressive so if you are "their type", be ready to defend yourself.